The Portrait Project

Opening Exhibition
Thursday, October 2, 2014 | 6-9pm
The Highline Loft | 526 West 26th Street, 5th Floor | NYC

Photo: David Johnson

Photo: David Johnson


Photography by Natalie BrasingtonAdrien BroomJosh DalsimerSteve Giralt, and David Johnson, as well as photographers Heidi GutmanAlina Gozin’aDavid LangZachary Maxwell Stertz,and Ken Pao.

Essays by Rosa JH Berland, Rashida Bumbray, Allegra Ben-Amotz, Robbie Whalen, Amanda McCormick, Sarah Barrett, Nina Spierer, Frank Santo, Judith Sackoff, Ellen Neuborne, Alexandra Talty, Nichole LeFebvre, and Annie Coreno.

About The Portrait Project

Art Start’s Portrait Project connects Art Start’s participating homeless, foster, formerly incarcerated, and otherwise marginalized New York City teens to develop an exciting and empowering opportunity to dream. Through visual art and creative writing workshops, in-depth video interviews, professional photo shoots and elaborate composite imaging, youth first imagined themselves without barriers, then saw themselves living it, in a large-format photographic print. With photography, wardrobe, hair and makeup, prop styling, set design and composite retouching, a photographic tableau has been created for each youth so they can experience the power and permanence of seeing themselves at the highest expression of themselves.