Prince Akeem, Age 20

From: Bronx, NY

Focus: Emcee, Music Production

” My style is Hip-Hop/ Protest Music. I call myself the “Voice of the Struggling.” I represent the whole human race as I do my own family. As much as I want everything to go right for me, I want everything to go right my people no matter their ethnicity.” – Prince Akeem, 2014

My name is Prince Akeem. I chose the name Prince Akeem because of the impact of Eddie Murphy’s comedy hit movie Coming to America on me. I noted the way the protagonist of the movie, “Prince Akeem,” was acting towards others with much profound energy. My energy towards others is my other inspiration for obtaining the name Prince Akeem. Also, my father’s street name was “Akeem.” He is King Akeem which makes me Prince Akeem.  I’m very proud to say that both Eddie Murphy and my father, Deon Richards Sr. influenced me to become another Prince Akeem, not only with my energy but the way that I act 24/7.

I reside in the Bronx, New York. I come from a background of West Indian descent. My mother is from Jamaica and my father is from Antigua. I started writing songs at eight years old. I had a difficult time with being creative and out of frustration, almost gave up my artistry. Writing was boring and I believed it wouldn’t take me as I now know it can. I was that kid who listened to what everyone said about my “skills” such as, “Yo, put down that pen already. Get it through your mind, you’re trash. That’s not your life give up already.” So from all the negative critiques I received as at a young age, I decided that writing wasn’t for me at the time. One day, thoughts came to my minds telling me that I would never be too young to gather information on things going on around me. Inspired by my community, my school, and society in general, I decided to gather information on the garbage cans in my community, along with the type of activities that was suffocating my community and school.

My musical influences were my old brother, Mega Millz and my older cousin, Profit. My older brother Mega Millz was the first in my family to pick up a pen and start writing songs. He took the first step to becoming a great emcee at a young age, despite my family’s lack of knowledge about rappers that were writers. Profit was my biggest influence because he was so hungry that he wanted to “eat” the mic. His motivation and passion is inspirational and gave me the energy and drive I needed to became an emcee. My biggest inspirations in life, still to this day, would have to be both sides of my family. That would also include Caktuz, Art Start’s MC K-Swift and spiritchild, my principal, Mr. Smallhorne, and my former music teacher Mr. Rader because of their hard work and dedication.

My songs are real and positive so that others could relate to my life as a struggler. I provide my people with positive Hip-Hop. I prefer Hip-Hop because she is my life saver. She gives the opportunities to not only self-educate but to express my feelings in her hands. My style is Hip-Hop/ Protest Music. I call myself the “Voice of the Struggling.” I represent the whole human race as I do my own family. As much as I want everything to go right for me, I want everything to go right my people no matter their ethnicity.

Every single chance I get to perform, I take that opportunity because I want to share my message across the world: one’s perception of their creativity, enhances the ability of others to imagine more through curiosity. I am a positive motivational entertainer which is reflected in my songs and complimented by my knowledge outside of music. I have never performed for a major artist but a very hard working producer, named Sean C saw me perform at my school’s talent show and took interest in me.

There’s a main catch phrase that I use a lot whether I’m performing or not: “High Five the Crew.” It shows my gratitude towards those who have watched me perform. It also pays homage to others who have achieved something in their lives. This catch phrase represents my love, respect and loyalty for my fellow fans and people. My ultimate goal, musically, is to help instill confidence in other performers, serving as a role model while spreading the word of humanity.

Art Start helps me with all my problems and they have especially helped me with my creative development through my music. They help get my message across to a wider audience which is important because I want to see change beyond the glowing stars. They have really helped me pursue my dreams in life tremendously.

I plan to travel all around the world once I am financially ready to explore beyond my current goals. I am looking forward to networking because the more people I meet, the easier it is for me to define myself as a successful spirit rebuilding the world and rise above my struggles. I am currently planning and designing a Record label of my own with the mission of helping others get to where they want to be in life. The record label is going to be called Serious Business Records.

I’m a real example of how hard work pays off.