Photo: Natalie Brasington

                   Photo: Natalie Brasington

Glenn, Age 21

From: Bronx, NY

Focus: Photography

Glenn De La Cruz is a 21-year old emerging photographer from the Bronx. She has been using her unique point of view to capture people and moments on film for the past several years. As a resident of Art Start’s EAR program, Glenn has focused much of her work on photographing series that not only display beauty in its rarest and most natural form, but also to explore ways in which photography can be used to address issues of social justice.

Through her work in the program, Glenn currently interns for the Con Artist Collective, where she is responsible for acting as the primary photographer for all Con Artist events, uploading, editing, and labeling event photo’s, and managing the collective photographer database to ensure organization of photo’s.

When not behind the camera, Glenn is busy being a daughter,  friend, and dreamer.

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