Co-Executive Directors, Johanna De Los Santos (left) and Hannah Immerman (Right)

Co-Executive Directors, Johanna De Los Santos (left) and Hannah Immerman (Right)

On April 1, 2015, after seven months of transition, Hannah Immerman, Director of Programs and Partnerships for Art Start, will be promoted to the position of Art Start’s Co-Executive Director, partnering with long-time Executive Director, Johanna De Los Santos.

Hannah joined the Art Start family as a workshop volunteer in 2003. Since then she has dedicated herself to the Art Start mission as a multi-faceted volunteer, hired workshop leader and teaching artist, staff Program Director for Art Start’sHomeless Youth Outreach Program, then promoted to Director of Programs and Partnerships, and in 2015, she will become Co-Executive Director. With a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Design and Architecture Studies from New York University, Ms. Immerman is currently midway through her Master of Science candidacy in CUNY Hunter’s Urban Affairs graduate program on the Non-Profit Management Track.


After 23 years of sole executive director leadership, the Art Start board and executive leadership team have recognized that Art Start is in a unique period of growth that, if strategic, can be sustained over the course of Art Start’s future. The transition from one Executive Director to two Co-Executive Directors began on September 1, 2014 with a gradual transition of organizational structure and will be fully completed by January 1, 2016 when the Co-Executive Directors have shared nine full months operating within the new structure.  The Executive Director diversification plan takes into account the organization’s current size, fiscal capacity, unique timing, and the specific nature of these positions’ functions within the larger context of the organization. The plan’s objectives are to minimize risk, maintain vital human resources for the strategic progression of Art Start’s 5-Year Plan, as well as retain institutional knowledge and relationships, while minimizing increases to the annual budget for 2015 and 2016.