This process is about being in the moment and children provide that connection.
— David, Art Start Volunteer


What do you do at Art Start?

I volunteer in the art workshops. Every week we work on a specific project to give the youth an opportunity to experience different mediums, whether that’s oil pastels, paints or creating cities of their dreams with several kinds of materials.


How long have you been a volunteer?

I’ve been an Art Start volunteer for over two years now.

Can you talk about a special moment at Art Start?

A most recent special moment was seeing the students’ art work at the HOME project gallery show. For the students to see their own work as part of a bigger community is incredibly powerful and monumental. It’s important for them to understand that their creative contributions can reach beyond the walls of workshop. They get to see they have a voice in the world. It really makes a lasting difference in how they view themselves.

What do you LOVE to do?

One of my loves is photography. I’ve been taking photographs for quite some time now and I enjoy wandering around NYC, or when I travel to other places, and capture this place in time, these moments and people in these moments. I have a blog that I update pretty much on a daily basis. I’ve started to expand my palette in creating and collaborating with musicians to create great portraits.

I love exercising and my Tai Chi practice has been at the center of my health. It’s a daily practice that helps me spiritually and provides a boost of energy and focus. I’ve been practicing for over two years now and I’m incredibly grateful for the community of people I’ve been able to connect with.

And lastly cooking is becoming (very slowly) something that I enjoy doing. I never, ever, ever thought I would say that. Ever. I’m learning a bit, still premature, but the fulfillment of providing myself with nourishment easily equates to love. And I love love.

Has your time at Art Start influenced you or your art in any way? How?

Art Start provided the opportunity to work with youth and like minded artists. I learned to be generous and care for the details in my creative process. The process is about being in the moment and children provide that connection. They are all about being creative and playing. They never forget to play. That’s why Art Start is an important organization. It provides youth the opportunity to speak their voices and serves as a reminder to adults to never forget to play. It’s impacted the way I care for my passion and life with passion is much more fun.

Check out David’s photos here