I’ve never danced more wildly or sung sillier songs then I have in Art Start workshops, and my confidence is the better for it.
— Katrin, Art Start Volunteer

What do you do at Art Start?

I assist our SUPER talented teaching artists in their lessons. I help the kids create music and learn new styles of dance — and I bring a lot of enthusiasm!

How long have you been a volunteer?

Since January 2011

Can you talk about a special moment at Art Start?

It’s hard to pin down just one… It’s incredible to see what kids can create with just a little time, space and resources. I’ve seen shy kids come out of their shells through learning piano chords, uncoordinated dancers beam proudly when they master a step, have even been dubbed a “best friend” by a few of the students. But I think my favorite moment was our last dance workshop showcase — the room was packed and every parent, cousin and sibling was on their feet, clapping and cheering on the dancers. That makes ME beam proudly!

What do you LOVE to do?

Ever since I witnessed Puss in Boots dramatized by a costumed cast of characters at my kindergarten assembly, I’ve been addicted to acting and singing. I’ve added writing into the mix, and have been doing both part time for years. It’s a great privilege to share what excites me with another generation just discovering it all.

Has your time at Art Start influenced you or your art in any way? How?

I have been a performer my whole life, but have been focused on my corporate job for years. Art Start has given me a weekly outlet to explore my creativity by forcing me to abandon any doubt in myself so I can focus on the kids. I’ve never danced more wildly or sung sillier songs, and my confidence is the better for it. Working with Art Start has helped refuel my creative passions, and I’m now quitting my day job to focus strictly on writing and performing!