Melissa, Age 16

From: Bronx

Focus: Filmmaking

Melissa is a 16 year old aspiring filmmaker.  She first became interested in filmmaking after watching a special effects documentary of a horror film.  Her fascination with the filmmaking discipline has only grown since.  

Melissa hopes to be a make of all types of films and work both behind the camera and in the editing room as a videographer and director.  She hopes to create films that both entertain audiences and make political statements. Being someone with the desire to facilitate political awareness,  if Melissa were to have an opportunity to make a film now, it would be a film giving people insight into the real lives of politicians, mainly the President.  She also has interests in comedy and drama.

Melissa believes that perseverance, consistency and networking are the three most important factors that contribute to any artists success.  She expects the EAR residency to position her to lay a solid foundation for her career in filmmaking.


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