Sydney, 20 

Focus: Visual Arts

Sydney is  20 year old “artists artist.” She has been drawing, singing, dancing, acting and writing ever since she was child.  She realized in high school that art was her calling and explored the in’s and out of visual arts.

Sydney now draws all day and night. As a resident in EAR, she hopes to be exposed to it all; drawing, still life drawing, freelance painting, sculpting and even digital photography.  She believes that they would all help to expand her knowledge of more than one art form. It would give her extra skills to better enhance her own works originality.  

Sydney wants to share with the world, through her art work, all the pain, love, hate, stress, happiness, funny, dark, confused, beautiful and amazing times in her life. She wants to allow the world see her, through the canvas and accept it all, just as she has. One day, she would like to see her art work being hung in amazing exhibits, talked about, analyzed with such wonder and interest.

She expects the EAR program to help her network, provide her with opportunities to  give me work with upscale art companies and individuals, and help her grow personally to improve her talent.

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