Photo taken by Zachary Maxwell Stertz

Photo taken by Zachary Maxwell Stertz

Daysean, 18

From: Bronx, NY

Focus: Rapper / Visual Artist

Daysean is an 18-year old multidimensional artist from the Bronx, New York. He started sketching when he was 8 and in middle school began writing songs as his appreciation for Hip-Hop music + poetry blossomed. These ‘hobbies’ brought him to Art Start’s “Emerging Artists Program”, where he focuses on sketching and illustration as well as songwriting and recording. He has taken vocal lessons and a character design class whilst being mentored by professionals in his fields. His artwork has been auctioned and sold at Sotheby’s Auction House and Elizabeth Sutton’s “Good Vibes Only” event. He has also performed at Art Start’s 25th Anniversary event and the grand opening of Art 511 Magazine.