Photo taken by Zachary Maxwell Stertz

Photo taken by Zachary Maxwell Stertz

Shawn, A.K.A Tags, 18

From: Bronx, NY

Focus: Rapper / Songwriter

Shawn a.k.a “Tags” is an 18 year old Hip-Hop recording artist and young visionary from the Bronx. He began gaining a passion for music in the 5th grade when he won 2nd place in a Lehman college poetry slam. Tags has been perfecting his craft writing and recording songs over the years and released his first mixtape “Vibe Waves” in 2017. His goal is to create music that will relieve people from everyday problems, and plans on becoming a major icon in the music industry. Tags is currently working with Art Start recording original songs while learning beat production and branding for his music group “Holy Boyz”.