Art Start has also partnered with Charity Made Simple, a company that operates within the retail industry and whose goal is to educate consumers about products, businesses, people, and charities that are taking an active role in leaving the world a little better than when they found it. 

This fall, we will be launching the Art Start Gift Box Campaign to support our creative arts programs. Art Start and Charity Made Simple have curated a special gift box filled with treats, from snacks to sketchbooks, and artwork to phone accessories—all products that are made by companies that support positive change in the world.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.49.01 AM.png

We launch the Gift Box Campaign on September 26th! Plan to purchase a box for yourself, your friend, your employees, customers or business partners to show your appreciation for them, and your commitment to good. 

Charity Made Simple will donate to Art Start a portion of the sales of the Art Start Gift Boxes to support our work with New York City children and youth living in homeless shelters.