Raised $200


Art is very much like a medicine to happiness and for some people, it’s life changing, which is what I’ve learned through working with the kids at Art Start.

Xixi raised $200 
through selling handmade bookmarks

She is a 15-years old aspiring artist and volunteer at Art Start. instagram.com/_artistx

Xixi, you felt super passionate and became a fundraiser for Art Start... How did you inspire others to support your campaign?

I fundraised by making customized bookmarks on instagram.  The majority of my followers are artists, so they immediately wanted to support Art Start. People knew I was supporting a good cause and I was able to spread a lot of awareness.


Share one of your proudest moments. 

I'm really proud of how far I've come with my art in the last two years. All of this started when I created my instagram, and I find it unbelievable that only 24 months ago, I still hadn't found my passion and drive for art. I'm proud that I've been able to strive towards my goals and inspire others.


What drew you to Art Start? 

I completely believe that if someone has a passion for art, nothing should be in their way of pursuing that passion, which is something that Art Start advocates for as well. I'm extremely thankful to have found an organization that immediately inspired me.


Has your time at Art Start influenced you or your art in any way? How?

Art Start inspired one of my pieces called "Art Saves Lives." I drew this a few weeks after I started volunteering at Abby House. The message of this piece is that art is very much like a medicine to happiness, and for some people, it's life changing, which is what I learned through working with the kids and what Art Start stands for. Overall, Art Start has made me understand the universal language of art, and its way to connect people together.

Can you share your favorite drawing with us?

My favorite drawing constantly changes, but currently it is a portrait of Jena Malone. I drew the same picture two years ago and by comparing the two drawings together, I was able to see how much I've improved which is one of the many reasons why I love this drawing.