Meet Stella


Stella is from Melbourne, Australia. She comes from a Fine Art and Creative Writing background. Stella is drawn to working with local communities and likes to explore the relationships between, and challenges of, womanhood, multiculturalism and modern identity.

What drew you to Art Start? 

I wanted to expand my experience in the management side of the Arts. The workshops were a bonus that ended up taking over my attraction to Art Start.

What is your most memorable moment as a mentor? 

Getting to know the kids and knowing that they are getting to know you in return. Teaching them how to draw something or helping them create something themselves and seeing the pride and happiness in them is an amazing feeling.

How has your time as a mentor influenced you? How?

It’s made me realize how much I enjoyed working with communities and youth. That my skill to create art is great but being able to use it and help someone else create art is even better.

What do you love to do on your spare time?

Work on my writing practice. I also love to eat, watch tv and sleep.

What else are you passionate about? 

Feeling Good :-)