Signed, Limited Edition "Fleur" (10x8) print by Natalie Brasington


Signed, Limited Edition "Fleur" (10x8) print by Natalie Brasington


"Fleur" by Natalie Brasington


8 x 10 in Inkjet Print

Edition 25 

The Art Start Portrait Project 2014

Signed by artist

*100% of proceeds benefit Art Start

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Fleur* is twenty, was born in the East African nation of Burundi and lived there five years before her odyssey began. That’s when her father’s work took the family to Moscow. In Russia, she and her twin sister attended school, became fluent in French, Russian and English, and discovered a favorite television show: America’s Next Top Model on Russian MTV.

Last year, when work moved the family again, this time to New York City, it seemed like the beginning of a dream come true. But the road forward was not smooth. Fleur’s father remarried within months of moving the family to New York. Fleur and her sister clashed with their new stepmother. The family discord mushroomed and she and her sister found themselves pushed out of the house and into homeless shelters, first in Brooklyn and then in the Bronx.

Still, when the teaching artist that led her Art Start workshop at the shelter asked Fleur to work with a photographer and writer to imagine her dream life, she had no hesitation. She knows what she wants. “I want to be a supermodel.

“I want to walk the runway for Victoria’s Secret, Marc Jacobs, Chanel. There are so many beautiful ones. So many. “That wasn’t always how I felt. When I was a little girl  in the country where I was born, I didn’t like having my picture taken. My mother would say: Come and take a family picture! I would cry and hide my face...Written by Ellen Meuborne