Signed, Limited Edition "Miky Hussles" (10x8) print by David Johnson


Signed, Limited Edition "Miky Hussles" (10x8) print by David Johnson



8 x 10 in Inkjet Print

Edition 25 

The Art Start Portrait Project 2014

Signed by artist

*100% of proceeds benefit Art Start

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In his portrait, Miky appears to be alone in the woods, dressed to the nines in a Mexican zoot suit, preparing to perform a trumpet solo for an audience of trees. The photograph raises a lot of questions — how did Miky wind up way out in the woods? What is he doing? Is he going to get mud on his suit? But after an hour long conversation I had with Miky, which was ostensibly held for the purpose of him answering the question “what is going on in this photo” but which Miky quickly — deftly — steered into a platonic dialectic on the nature of the universe and the meaning of life, I can assure you: Miky has all the answers. At the age of sixteen, a confluence of factors, including dropping out of high school, seeing some friends go down a difficult path, and the experience of being violently jumped and assaulted by a group of hostile teenagers, caused Miky to undergo an powerful transformation: “Before that point” he said, “I was just thinking about how to get money all the time. But then my mind began to reprogram itself. I realized that life is so short. My consciousness expanded, and I began to understand all these different perspectives. Before that, I was just lazy. I would accept anything people were telling me. But then I started thinking for myself. I had an awakening and I saw that we are all stardust, and everything comes from the universe. Once you see that everything is matter, from the stars, you start to ask yourself — what is the purpose? What am I doing here?” These questions led Miky, somewhat unexpectedly, toward music, a passion which is represented by....Written by Frank Santo, Portrait Project 2014