Art Start is proud to launch the #START campaign honoring 25 years of our creative collaborations with NYC youth. For the next twelve months, celebrate the inspiring work we have accomplished together. Honor the voices, hearts and minds that have been nurtured through the creative process. Make yours one of them.

At Art Start, we are driven by our belief that art is and will always be a starting point of a bigger life process. Join us and make a contribution.  

$20/month= 12 months of Art Start for an NYC youth experiencing homelessness.  #START supporting. 

$25= Arts materials for one workshop for youth living in a shelter. #START providing. 

$75= Weekly recording studio sessions with music mentors for youth involved in the court system. #START guiding.

$125= Paid professional internship for a young Emerging Artist.  #START backing

$250= Stocks our supply closet for a full year of programming in one homeless shelter. #START stocking. 


Your generous donation will provide a constant source of creative expression for up to 600 NYC youth this year, including opportunities to connect to the city's art and cultural centers.

For more information about corporate sponsorship, please contact Art Start's Co-Executive Director, Johanna De Los Santos, johanna@art-start.org

You can support Art Start by mobilizing your own network of friends and loved ones to give a little to help a lot. 



100% of donations go towards art programs for underserved youth

What will you #START right now?

At Art Start, we believe that creativity empowers youth and their families to achieve the dreams that far surpass their circumstances. However, we can't do it alone. We need you to make an impact.To create a spark. To inspire someone. To believe in what we can accomplish together. To #START something today. 

Xixi, 16 Art Start Volunteer and Donor

Xixi, 16 Art Start Volunteer and Donor


Step 1: Fill out your postcard with what you will #START. If you have not received yours in the mail, snag yours from the image below or join our newsletter emailing list. 

Step 2:  Take a picture of your postcard with something that represents your message - you, your family, your dog, your favorite place, anything you like!   

Step 3:  Share with us on social media. Tell us what you are starting and why. How will this make an impact for you and your community?


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